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Web Design Services • Price Information

Web Design Services Description
Personal Website Starts at $149.90 – Domain registration not included
Commercial Website Starts at $299.90 – Domain registration not included
E-Commerce Store Starts at $599.90 – SSL Certificate and domain registration not included
Web Hosting Annual fee of $49.90
Search Engine Indexing Website Indexed on MSN Bing, Google, Alexa for $49.99
Online Advertising Improve your company visibility with an Online Campaign Advertisement.
All prices vary depending on the type, quantity of service, this is just an estimate it can be low or higher value, please contact us for further information.
Project time estimate is variable because of project size, complexity and quantity of work.

All Web design services does not include Domain name registration.
All options include ftp access to files, monthly maintenance, search engine indexing, content writing and organization, telephone and online support 24/7, and manuals.

Computer Technical Services

Computer Support Any type of support for Max OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux Operative Systems.
Computer Repair Broken Screen, keyboard, HD format & install, replace parts, clean virus, etc.
System Tuning Tune your PC for best performance, Water/Air Cooling, GPU/Gaming improvement.
Graphic Design Quality and creative design of brochures, flyers, personal cards, or Ad Campaigns.
Network Assistance Fix or Improve connectivity in your home or office, we have Certified Technicians available.
Price vary greatly depending on the type of service and assistance needed on the fix.

e.g. Usually a small MS Windows glitch that takes 30~60 minutes to spot and fix I charge $20~$25 US Dollars.
Hard Drive Format + Windows Installation & Configuration averages $35