Hi there :) Here is Rafael Silva Antunes, 30 years of age. Web Designer based in Newark, NJ ā€“ USA.
This website serves various purposes, here you can know more about Raphaff Digital Solutions and me (the web-designer), my interests tastes, Dreams, travels, works under development and completed, the Corporation portfolio and much more.
The Web-designer: I like Computers (386DX back in 94ā€™s), Multiplayer Gaming (AQ2 Fan), Ride my Bike, Read Books and Be with my Family.
My curriculum is available in .pdf or .doc.
The Corporation Blog is also available, browse and learn from the entries.

-To contact us, say hi or request information on a service please use:
E-mail: info[@]raphaff.eu,raphaff[@]gmail.com
Phone Call on: +1 862 452 6249 ā€“ Mon-Sat 9am to 7pm.
Thank you.

-Piece of the History

Raphaff Digital Solutions formerly Raphaff Web Designs was founded in 2007, and has been providing quality Web Design to the public ever since. Located in Newark, New Jersey – The corporation is composed of 4 members and does all kinds of awesome things for the World Wide Web Industry.
The love to create Websites happened by interest along with need, right after the arrival to the United States, it all started through an internet friend who got me started in this artistic and professional area. Since then I keep exploring and learn techniques of this craft, to better myself and get quality on the products/services.
Currently March 2016 Iā€™m pro-efficient in the following technologies: XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, with the knowledge of these digital languages one is able to provide security, quality and results when creating complex pages.

-The Team

Raphaff Digital Solutions Team is comprised of 4 fixed members, on temporary terms, each of us have various tasks assigned.
1. Sandy Silva Antunes on Content Writing and Website Display & Decoration.
2. Ricardo Teixeira a Beginner in Photography.
3. Jeanne F.Pague from Philipines the Secretary on Advertising and Customer Concerns.
4. Rafael S. Antunes CEO and Web-Design Developer.
Rafael CEO: Works individually from his Office, responsible for the orientation, structure, framework, scripting and connecting all pieces, has the support of the Amazing team, for content creation, writing, organization, photography, decoration, customer relations and marketing as mentioned, without them Raphaff Digital Solutions would not exist lessly move on.

-Our Next Project?

As a Urban citizen We are on the verge to create a new Application directed to start new friendships and schedule walks & visits around Cities and Country places to fulfill our daily lives and Inter-Relationships, and of course to avoid too much computer. Imagine a wide range of activities like Hiking, Trekking, Bike Riding, Read Books, Walk and Talk through city sidewalks or green forests in the interior counties or cities of United States of America around Eastern Coast. The name is still to be discussed give me your idea. What do you think? Thank you and Have fun!

I believe with honesty and communication we can obtain results and fruitful projects, consult and try us.